09 Apr 2019 Oberoi Hotel Business Bay, Dubai, UAE


Value Engineering can make a considerable difference to the success of a project and a client’s bottom line.

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Oberoi Hotel Business Bay, Dubai, UAE 09 Apr 2019

Improving efficiency in construction

Value Engineering can make a considerable difference to the success of a project and a client’s bottom line. Value Engineering has emerged as a divisive issue in the regional construction industry, with advocates and doubters sparring over its effectiveness and viability in reducing costs, and improving efficiency and operations on projects.

In order to gain a clear understanding about what Value Engineering actually entails, and how it can be best implemented, Big Project Middle East is hosting a summit that will address key issues and topics around the subject.

Through a series of dialogues, the Summit will offer professionals an opportunity to discuss, debate and define the various solutions that Value Engineering can offer.

VE Summit makes networking opportunities possible for all stakeholders comprising of government officials, key industry figures, influencers and solution providers.


Listen and learn from the regions foremost experts as they explain how Value Engineering can help deliver better communication, improved team-work, better alignment of the supply chain, and a better understanding of project objectives


Learn from the experts how your company can implement techniques that achieve value for money, while delivering a host of ancillary benefits that improve performance and efficiency while achieving project objectives


The VE Summit presents you with an opportunity to interact and discuss how Value Engineering can benefit your company with the region’s leading experts. With several breaks scheduled for networking, you’ll be able to get one-on-one time with panelists and presenters, following on from interactive Q&A sessions and a CPD workshop.

Key themes and topics that will be discussed

09 APR 2019 - Oberoi Hotel Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
  • The Good and Bad of Value Engineering

  • Implementing Value Engineering

  • Why Value Engineering matters

  • How Value Engineering impacts the Bottom Line

  • Design and Construction Applications for Value Engineering

  • Defining roles during the Value Engineering process

  • Technology in the Value Engineering Process

  • Developing Research and Development


This year’s Value Engineering Summit will play host to a veritable who’s who of the regional construction industry. Through the summit’s focused panel discussions, presentations and workshops, delegates will be able to hear from, and engage in thought-provoking discussions with experts working in the top consultants, contractors and software vendors.

In addition, the Value Engineering Summit will also bring together senior government officials and executives from some of the region’s most well-known developers. Through this diverse mix of speakers, delegates will be given a comprehensive view and insights into one of the most divisive issues in the Middle East construction industry today.

2018 Speakers

Director of Federal Roads Department, Ministry of Infrastructure Development

Ahmed Abdalla Al Hammadi

Managing Partner, AESG

Scott Coombes

Director, Strategy & Growth, Construction Services, Middle East, AECOM Middle East

David Clifton

Engineering and Innovation Director, Arabtec Construction LLC

Bram van Olffen

Director, AESG

Barry Peter Wormald

Director of Engineering Contracts Department, Ministry of Infrastructure Development

Eman Abdulatif Al Mansouri

Head of Customer Success - MENA/Levant, CCS Gulf

Fady Kobersy

Associate Director, Omnium International

Fernando Freitas

MD & CEO, Sobha Realty

Francis Alfred

Strategy Director and Vice President, Parsons

Javad Farooq

Managing Director, K Tech Consulting

Jonathan Keith

Principal Consultant, Turner & Townsend International

Kaarin Kalavus

Founder and Managing Partner, Implement Engineering Consultants

Maged Louis

Executive Director, LACASA Architects & Engineering Consultants

Mohammad Tanbouz

Executive Director, ALEC

Neil Shackleton

Managing Director, Omnium International

Nick Harris

Managing Quantity Surveyor, C-Quest / KEO International Consultants

Nicky Dobreanu

UAE Country Director, Faithful+Gould

Paul Doherty

Regional Director, Trimble Solutions Middle East & India

Paul Wallett

Senior Associate, Pinsent Masons

Rita Allan

Senior Manager, Project Development, Select Group

Scott Beh

CEO – Centre of Excellence (COE), S&T Global Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd

Venugopal Nanjan

Director of Commissioning Innovation and MEP Advisory, AESG

Barry Wormald

Built Environment Sector Lead, Mott Macdonald Limited

Farah Kurdi

Head of AEC and Manufacturing, Autodesk – Middle East & Turkey

Naji Atallah

Construction Expert, Etihad Rail

Philippe Bakhos

Senior Quantity Surveyor, Omnium International Ltd.

Ben Russell

General Manager, ALEC Technologies

Maisam Zaidi

Senior BIM Manager, Shapoorji Pallonji International

Nithin Thomas


Value Engineering in Construction


Registration and Networking

8:00AM - 8:55AM


Doors Open



Welcome Address by:


Summit Chair, Nicky Dobreanu, Lead Quantity Surveyor, C-Quest


Keynote Presentation by:

9:15AM - 09:30AM

Eng Ahmed Abdalla Al Hammadi, Director of Federal Roads Department, Ministry of Infrastructure Development


Are Design and Build Contracts the future of cost-effective construction in the Middle East?

9:30AM - 10:15AM

Design and Build contracts are becoming increasingly popular across the region, and while there are many benefits associated with this approach, is it the best one for our industry? How can time and money be saved, but quality also maintained? Our panel of experts discuss the pros and cons of the D&B approach and how it can be refined to deliver the best results.

Discussion Points:

  • The challenges around implementing Design and Build contracts as compared to traditional construction contracts
  • Can D&B projects deliver adequate quality while reducing cost and time?
  • Are there procurement methods that can provide incentives to D&B contractors to look after quality?
  • Who makes the final design on what constitutes ‘value’
  • Creating clear lines of communication and removing obstacles to collaboration
  • Implementing lean operations on site leads to achieving value on a project


  • Bram van Olffen – Arabtec
  • Francis Alfred – Sobha Group
  • Jonathan Keith – K Tech Consulting
  • Neil Shackleton – ALEC
  • Nick Harris – Omnium International
  • Paul Doherty – Faithful + Gould
  • Scott Beh – Select Group


  • Scott Coombes – AESG

Presentation by:

10:20AM - 10:35AM

Fernando Freitas, associate director at Ominum International

This presentation will focus on the definitions of value in the context of value engineering and the relationship between functionality/quality with cost.

It will touch on the misconceptions that value engineering is solely reducing the cost of materials and we should look at how to maximise the value of the building – in terms of efficiency and the end user experience. We will discuss how value engineering can result in increasing capital costs to make savings later on or increasing the sell ability or sales value of a building.

We will discuss what ‘value’ means to various stakeholders and how various stakeholders should be having an input into key design decisions.


Networking Break

10:35AM - 10:45AM

Value Engineering in Infrastructure


The Application of Value Engineering in Private-Public Partnership Infrastructure Projects

10:50AM - 11:40AM

Private-Public Partnerships continue to gain traction on infrastructure projects in the region, with countries and governments implementing laws and project financing mechanisms that will provide support to these vital projects. As PPP infrastructure projects involve several complex stages and come with extremely high costs, having a Value Engineering approach is necessary to reduce the overall spend, while still maintaining productivity and quality.

Discussion Points:

  • Applying Value Engineering principles to the PPP model
  • The best time to introduce Value Engineering practices
  • Implementing value engineering through different stages of a project
  • Determining the actual needs of the target group for the project before implementing Value Engineering practices
  • Defining what constitutes as Value and identifying stakeholder objectives early on
  • Understanding that Value Engineering is not limited to the construction phase, and achieving an optimum balance between CapEx and OpEx
  • Value Engineering and Life-Cycle Costings


  • Barry Wormald – AESG
  • Javad Farooq – Parsons
  • Mohammad Tanbouz – Lacasa
  • Philippe Bakhos – Etihad Rail
  • Rita Allan – Pinsent Masons


  • David Clifton – AECOM (Moderator)

Coffee Break

11:40AM - 12:00PM

Value Engineering and Technology


Utilising technology and software during the value engineering process

12:05PM - 12:50PM

With Value Engineering now having access to sophisticated new sets of economic software tools that can, in real-time, determine in dollar terms who benefits and by how much from a given design scenario, this discussion will revolve around how the latest software and technology can be applied to the VE process.

Talking Points:

  • Quantifying costs and benefits across the bottom-line metrics
  • Calculating the ROI on all fronts – financial, social and environmental and the benefits they bring in the form of capex and opex
  • Utilising the software and technology to better educate clients and stakeholders about why they should support Value Engineering on their projects
  • Using analytics to find the most-value add solutions
  • Utilising technology to improve the project, price out improvements, consider operational costs and exploring synergies
  • Determining where additional costs delivers added value


  • Ben Russell – Omnium International
  • Fady Kobersy – CCS
  • Maisam Zaidi – ALEC Technologies
  • Nithin Thomas – Shapoorji Pallonji Mideast
  • Naji Atallah – Autodesk
  • Paul Wallett – Trimble
  • Venugopal Nanjan – S&T Global Engineering Services


  • Nicky Dobreanu – C-Quest

Presentation by:

12:55PM - 1:10PM

Venugopal Nanjan, CEO – Centre of Excellence, S&T Global Engineering Services, on Value Engineering and Technology

With the advent of ICT, there is not a single industry that has not been affected by this. Big Data, GIS, BIM, VR, Integrative, Energy Modelling, Quantities, LIDAR, Web 2.0, Crowd Sourcing, Block Chain, IOT, BMS & Robotics are the buzz words.

We briefly look at how these technologies have disrupted the AEC industry and will affect us as we further move on, especially in the area of Value Engineering.


Coffee Break

1:15PM - 1:25PM

CPD Sessions


CPD Presentation I:

1:30PM - 1:55PM

Maged Louis, managing partner, Implement Engineering Consultants, provides a CPD Case Study about a win-win strategy for successful value engineering

Who should benefit from the savings in value engineering? Clients look at a contractor’s experience to deliver good savings that reduce capex, contractors feel entitled to share the saving and be rewarded for their good engineering. Both parties can negotiate how to share the cake, but both end up feeling deprived and unhappy.

This case study is about a hospital project where both parties felt they got good deals. This is about the difference between cost cutting and value engineering.


CPD Presentation II:

2:00PM - 2:30PM

Nicky Dobreanu, senior cost and project consultant, C-Quest/KEO, provides a CPD presentation about ‘Leveraging collaborative mindsets in the pursuit of Value’

The construction industry’s inherent inefficiencies and adversarial approaches have been documented over decades. Current construction practices are difficult, cumbersome, and usually lead to poor outcomes. But how can we change this?

Companies must adopt collaborative practices and behaviours, which provide mechanisms that encourage project teams to work together, rather than against one another, by sharing risk and knowledge, facilitating collective learning and building trust.


Closing Remarks and Lunch


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